Notable People

  • Arthur Batey: Developed the first successful mechanical cotton picker “Old Red” now in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

  • Harlon Block: Front man in Iwo Jima flag raising photo.

  • Francis R. Coelho: Artist and Sculptor.

  • Tony Coelho: U.S. Congressman 1977-1989.

  • John S. Correa: Speedboat champion.

  • Myron Cotta: Bishop of Stockton.

  • Steve Easter: Vice President Blue Diamond Growers.

  • Cheryl Fonseca: Television news reporter and anchor at KMPH 26 Fresno,      KOVR 13 Sacramento, and CNN.

  • Malcolm “Ike” Frankian: NFL football player with Redskins and Giants,             coach AFL, Los Angeles Bulldogs, coach Dos Palos High School Broncos.

  • Dan Gamel: One-time largest RV (Recreational Vehicle) dealer in U.S.

  • Gary George: Oregon State Senator.

  • Chris Green: Television Director at KABC 7 Los Angeles and Warner Bros.

  • Irv Ham: Western actor and stunt man, one of several “Marlboro Men.”

  • Lynn Hamilton: Miss California 1976.

  • Dave Henderson: MLB outfielder with Oakland Athletics and other teams.

  • Lucy Higgs: Oldest Dos Palosan, 107 in 2018.

  • Shawn Hillegas: MLB pitcher with Oakland Athletics and other teams.

  • James Huffman: Railroad steam engineer, his engine is in the State Railroad Museum in Sacramento.

  • Albert Todd Hyde: Co-inventor of Mentholatum.

  • Bill Jones: California Secretary of State 1995-2003.

  • Bernhard Marks: School teacher, principal, superintendent, miner, introduced various irrigation practices to California, pioneer raisin producer, among the first to grow Alfalfa in the U.S., real estate agent, and founder of colonies in Fresno and Dos Palos.

  • Cody Martin: MLB Scout, pitcher with the Oakland Athletics and other teams.

  • Robert Montanucci: Artist and painter.

  • Warren Stanley: California CHP Commissioner.

  • Lloyd Stearman: Aviation pioneer, developer of the bi-plane,                       President of Lockheed.

  • William “Bill” Stewart: NFL player with Pittsburgh Steelers, teacher, coach.

  • Daniel K. Whitehurst: Mayor of Fresno 1977-1985.

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