City Planning Commission


David Castillo, Chairman

Director of Special Programs, West Hills College,

Appointed by Councilmember Thomas Pigg, Post 4,

Serving since January 23, 2013.  Term ends November 15, 2022.

Cindy Enriquez

Retired DPOLJUSD Employee,

Appointed by Councilmember Michael McGlynn, Post 1,

Serving since December 16, 2015.  Term ends November 17, 2020.

April Hogue

CTE Instructor, Fresno Unified,

Appointed by the City Council, represents the city-at-large,

Serving since June 7, 2017.  Term ends November 17, 2020.

Jesse Castillo, Sr.

City of Los Banos Public Works Employee,

Appointed by Mayor pro Tem Joe Lerner, Post 3,

Serving since April 2, 2019. Term ends November 17, 2020.

Jennifer Vincent

Insurance Broker, Fresno,

Appointed by Councilmember Debbie Orlando, Post 2,

Serving since April 2, 2019.  Term ends November 15, 2022.

Planning Commission meets at 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month if business is pending.