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Contact Us


Emergencies:     9-1-1


Police Department

1546 Golden Gate Avenue

Dos Palos CA 93620

209 392-2177


City Hall and all other inquiries:

2174 Blossom Street

Dos Palos CA 93620

209 392-2174

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Licenses     


Q.  How much does a business license cost?

     A. $40 a year plus $16 per employee to a maximum of $300.


Business – New          


Q.  Can I put any type of business anywhere?

     A. It depends on zoning.  Ask at City Hall for helpful and specific answers.


Business - Temporary


Q.  How much does a Temporary Business License cost?

     A. $200 per day and you must have permission of the property owner


Code Violations         


Q.   What are the penalties for violating the code?

     A. First Offense $25, Second Offense $100, Third or More $250




Q.  Is there a curfew?

     A. Yes for youth under 18, its 10 pm to 6 am, exclusions allowed for events


Dogs – Barking          


Q.  My neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, who do I call?

     A. Call Dispatch 392-2177.


Dog - Licenses           


Q.  How much does it cost to license my dog?

     A. $25 unaltered, $15 if neutered, $10 if neutered and owned by a Senior.  


Dogs – Strays            


Q.  Who do I call about a stray dog or dead animal in the street?

     A. Call Dispatch 392-2177.




Q.  How high can I build a fence?  Do I need a permit?

     A. Six feet high.  Yes, if it’s new.


Garage Enclosure     


Q.  Can I enclose my garage?

     A. With a permit if you provide two covered and two uncovered parking spaces.


Garbage – Containers           


Q   Where do I sign up for Refuse service or a new trash container?

     A. Contact City Hall 392-2174.




Q.  Where do I report Graffiti?

     A. Call Dispatch 392-2177.Police will document it, then refer to Public Works for Abatement. 

          If it’s on private property, you have 24 hours to remove it.

Home Occupations    

Q.  Can I operate a business out of my home?

     A. Yes, but you will need a Conditional Use Permit.

House Sizes                

Q.  What lot coverage or living space is allowed in new home construction?

     A. New homes must have a minimum of 1,200 square feet of living space.


Q.  How can I find out what’s happening around here?

     A. Legally and officially, the city publishes its notices in our weekly local newspaper

         The Dos Palos Sun.  Most events are found there too.  Social media may be quicker

         but it is often inaccurate and unreliable.  Also, to avoid a conflicting date, consider

         checking the City Calendar before scheduling your event.  Many events are scheduled

         long in advance.


Q.  My neighbor is playing music too loud or running power tools at night?

     A. Call Dispatch 392-2177.  We have a noise ordinance.


Q.  I need to talk to the Police but it’s not an emergency, who do I call?

     A. For the Police Business Line or Dispatch call 392-2176 or 392-2177.

Park Access               

Q.  How late can we stay in a city park?

     A. Until sunset, unless a public event is underway at the facility.

RV’s/Vehicles parked

Q.  What can be done about my neighbor’s trailer parked on the street?

     A. Call Dispatch 392-2177, trailers and vehicles can only remain for 72 hours.


Q.   What are the residential construction setback distances from property lines?

     A. Front 20’, Garage 25’, Sides 5’, Back 15’.

Sewer Backup            

Q.   We have a clogged sewer line, who do I call?

     A. Call City Hall 392-2174 during regular working hours.

         Call Dispatch 392-2177 after hours or holidays.

         Always call the City first, it may be a city problem.

         The responding staff will then advise if you need to call a plumber.


Q.   Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?

     A. Although the City has an extremely limited budget for sidewalk replacement, the passage of Measure V

         has enabled new sidewalk construction downtown and in some residential areas.  When Public Works staff

         and city funds are available, the resident or owner pays for materials and the City provides the labor,

         however there is a long waiting list. Driveway approaches are the resident’s responsibility.

Speed Limit                

Q.  What are the City’s speed limits around town and near a school?

     A.The Speed Limit in Dos Palos is 25 miles per hour—Citywide!

        Caltrans sets speed limits on State Highway 33.


Q.   Why are the streets so bad?

     A. Dos Palos was built in a swampy area with shifting soils. The city’s receives minimal gas tax funding

          due to its small population and few gas stations. However, Measure V will provide some funding to

          repair the worst quality streets with the highest traffic volume over the next few years.


Q.  I’m new in town, where do I sign up to turn on utilities?

     A. For Water, Sewer, or Garbage at City Hall. 

Water Break              

Q.  Who do I call if a water line breaks?

     A. Call City Hall 392-2174 during regular working hours. 

         Call Dispatch 209-392-2177 after hours or holidays.

         They will send someone out.

Watering – Irrigation

Q.  What days can I water my lawn?

     A. Odd numbered addresses may water on Tuesday & Saturday.

         Even numbered addresses may water on Wednesday & Sunday.

         No watering is allowed between 11:00 am & 7:00 pm or when it rains.

Weed Abatement       

Q.   Who do I call to get my neighbor or business to maintain their landscaping?

     A. Call City Hall 392-2174.  Weed abatement notices go out after the First Day of Spring. 

          If you fail to comply, the city will have the problem abated and bill you for the cost. 

          If you fail to pay, a lien will placed on your property.

For faster service or more information, please contact City Hall, 2174 Blossom Street, 392-2174.

City Hall is open 8:00 am to 12 noon, and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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