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Information for Residents

Dos Palos and CalRecycle Mulch

To request and get on the list to pick up free mulch, complete and submit the form below.  Pick up will be on Fridays from 8am - 10am and is limited to 5 cubic yards.  Priority is given to residents of the City of Dos Palos.  Please bring ID and proof of city residency.


Clean-Up Time

8:00 am – 12 noon

Saturday, April 1, 2023

         Rain or Shine!

in the Parking Lot next to Johnnie’s Cleaners

ENTER on Golden Gate Avenue -- EXIT on Blossom Street


We WILL accept: appliances, building materials, furniture, metal, small items if bagged or boxed, tv’s, televisions, computers, computer parts, monitors, printers, game systems, dvd’s, vcr’s, car tires with a limit of four per vehicle for the day, but tires must be separated from wheels or rims.


We WILL NOT take: hazardous waste, antifreeze, batteries, car batteries, fuels, herbicides, paint, lacquer, thinner, pesticides, pool chemicals, sprays, used motor oil, or oil filters.  We can no longer accept wood or brush since the state mandated curbside yardwaste collection.  Use your green yardwaste toter or deliver directly to the Billy Wright Road Landfill east of Los Banos. The Landfill will be open until  3:30 pm  on  Saturday, April 1, 2023.


WARNINGS:  Any load deemed too long, dangerous, or difficult to unload, will be rejected.  Proof of City residency may be required at any time.  Dust, sharp surfaces, equipment and vehicles in motion, and other potential hazards are common to refuse operations.  Be alert.  Enter at your own risk.


City of Dos Palos Clean-Up Days are usually held in April and October. Unlike clean-up events of other local government agencies, ours are still free of cost thanks to the donations of equipment, funding, lunch, preparation, promotions, property, time, and work from “The Dos Palos Sun” newspaper, City Employees, Johnnie’s Cleaners, Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste/BFI), and the Merced Regional Waste Management Authority which operates the landfills.






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